Welcome to the journey

Welcome to katemarionwrites! Here you are likely to find musings on life, especially ones that involve travel, mountains, or environmental philosophy. The journey has only just begun but stop in for regular helpings of goodness as this blog expands.


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19 07 2010

Really enjoy your writing, Kate. We’ll be following your travels from the comfort of our own little bubble here in Bolson. Do you have a photos site where we can see pics?


19 07 2010

Unfortunately not at this stage Mark! When I travelled Argentina, I actually made a conscious decision not to take a camera. Instead, I took a notebook, a pencil, and some watercolour paints, which are less computer compatible but less of a mood killer. I found having this medium made you much more involved in your surroundings than a camera: you really had to look around you and take in all the detail.

Having said that, there were times that I just had to grab my travel companions’ cameras and snap some shots so I can’t make too much of a thing about this! And if I were lucky enough to be a decent photographer with a good camera I would definitely have used it. So when I finally get my hands on a really nice camera, I’ll load pics onto the blog 🙂

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